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What is (IO)? Explore Features, How it Works and Team

IO Net, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Solana blockchain, was recently announced by Binance in its launchpool, where users can farm IO tokens by staking BNB and FDUSD until June 11, 2024.

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IO.NET is a project to democratize access to powerful computing resources for AI and ML. It is a revolutionary project that aims to provide powerful computational resources for AI (artificial intelligence) -based product research and development through Solana blockchain technology, with the aim of addressing the growing challenge posed by limited GPU availability in rapid-growth fields such as artificial intelligence.

The project creates a paradox that is akin to blockchain technology, which solves the problem of the mistaken beliefs that might come by users while workings with it in the same manner. Another way you could think about it is calling it the “Uber for GPUs”, whereby artificial intelligence companies can gain access to computational capabilities from individuals who have extra GPU power.

Features of (IO) & How do they work?

IO.NET offers a suite of tools to make AI development easier and more accessible:

  • IO Explorer: Think Google Maps for the “Internet of GPUs.” This tool lets you see available GPU clusters, their performance, and pricing in real-time. Find the perfect fit for your AI project!
  • IO Cloud: IO Cloud is your one-stop shop for deploying and managing your AI project’s computing power. Choose your cluster type, location, and even integrate popular ML frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch – all in the cloud.
  • IO Worker: Got a spare GPU gathering dust? Turn it into a money-maker! IO Worker lets you easily rent out your unused GPU power to others on the IO.NET network, earning you income while helping others with their AI projects.

Plus, there’s the IO Coin: The details of this native token are still under wraps, but stay tuned for more information on how it fuels the IO.NET ecosystem.

Tokenomics of (IO) Token:

  • Token Name:
  • Token Symbol: $IO
Tokenomics of (IO)

Team of (IO):

Source: team

The team of IO.NET consists of 28 members, with Tony Green serving as the Co-founder and CEO of the project.

How to Buy (IO) Token?

IO token will be list on 2024-06-11 on binance exchange, therefor If you have decided to invest in the $IO token, here are the steps to buy tokens:

  1. Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Account:
    • Begin by creating an account on binance exchange.
  2. Deposit Funds:
    • Once your account is set up, deposit funds into your exchange wallet.
  3. Purchase $IO Tokens:
    • Using the deposited funds, you can buy $IO tokens directly on the exchange.

Returns of (IO) Token:

June 2024

 Project Contacts:


IO.NET stands as a beacon of hope for democratizing access to AI resources. By leveraging the power of the “Internet of GPUs,” they offer a cost-effective and scalable solution for AI development. With their suite of user-friendly products and focus on transparency, IO.NET has the potential to revolutionize the future of AI and machine learning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is IO.NET?

IO.NET is a revolutionary project built on the Solana blockchain. It aims to create a vast network of computing resources specifically for AI and Machine Learning (ML) tasks.

What is the $IO Token?

The $IO token is the native token of the IO.NET ecosystem.

Who is the CEO of IO.NET?

Tony Green serving as the Co-founder and CEO of the project.

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