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What Is Propy (PRO)? How it Works, Features and Team

What is Propy (PRO)?

Propy (PRO) is revolutionizing real estate by leveraging blockchain technology for secure, transparent, and streamlined property deals. This platform simplifies buying and selling while reducing fraud risk through tamper-proof ownership records. Propy breaks new ground by enabling international purchases with cryptocurrency or NFTs, setting a new standard for the industry.

What is PRO Token?

PRO is the primary utility token that powers Propy. These tokens are used within the platform to activate smart contracts for property title transfers. Propy’s design makes using PROs simple and user-friendly.

What are the Features of Propy?

Propy tackles common headaches in real estate by putting the power of blockchain to work:

Secure and Transparent Deals:

Blockchain technology underpins secure and transparent property transfers through smart contracts. This can eliminate the need for middlemen and streamline the process.

Global Marketplace: 

Propy connects buyers, sellers, and professionals worldwide. Find a wide range of residential and commercial properties on this one-stop platform.

Unbreakable Ownership: 

Propy uses blockchain to create a tamper-proof and decentralized title registry. This boosts transparency, reduces fraud risk, and makes ownership records easily accessible.

Borderless Transactions: 

Buying and selling properties across borders becomes smoother and more secure with Propy’s blockchain technology.

PRO Token Utility: 

The platform’s native token, PRO, fuels various functions. Use it for transaction fees, access premium services, and even participate in shaping Propy’s future.

Legally Sound: 

Propy prioritizes compliance with local real estate regulations, ensuring all transactions adhere to applicable laws.

How Does Propy Works?

Propy streamlines the real estate experience by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Finding Your Perfect Property: Browse Propy’s global marketplace, featuring a wide variety of residential and commercial properties.
  2. Secure Transactions with Smart Contracts: Once you find your dream property, Propy uses smart contracts to automate and secure the buying process. These digital agreements ensure all parties fulfill their obligations transparently.
  3. Simplified Payments: Propy offers flexibility, allowing payments in traditional fiat currency or even cryptocurrency.
  4. Unbreakable Ownership Records: Blockchain technology underpins Propy’s title registry. This tamper-proof system safeguards ownership records and makes them easily accessible to authorized parties.
  5. Global Reach: Propy cuts through geographical barriers. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, connect with international professionals and properties seamlessly.
  6. Legal Compliance: Propy prioritizes adhering to local real estate regulations, giving you peace of mind that your transaction follows all applicable laws.

Propy (PRO) Tokenomics:

  • Token Name: Propy
  • Token Symbol: PRO
  • Token Address (ETH): 0x226bb599a12c826476e3a771454697ea52e9e220
  • Token Type: ERC-20

Propy (PRO) Team:

propy-Team-Natalia-Karayaneva-Alex-Voloshyn-Denitza-Tyufekchieva profile images

Propy’s success is driven by a talented team with expertise across various fields. Here’s a glimpse of some key members:

  • Natalia Karayaneva (Founder & CEO): An Oxford graduate with a unique blend of software engineering skills and 12 years of real estate experience, Natalia leads the Propy vision.
  • Alex Voloshyn (CTO): Alex brings his extensive software engineering knowledge, particularly in blockchain and smart contract development, to the table as Propy’s CTO.
  • Denitza Tyufekchieva (COO): Denitza leverages her expertise in strategic planning, business development, finance, and economics to steer Propy’s operational excellence.

Propy’s technical foundation is built by these skilled developers:

  • Patrick Laucius & Roman Melnyk (Lead Developers): These developers, with their experience in software engineering, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications (dApps), form the backbone of Propy’s technical development.
  • David Zhang (Blockchain Developer): David’s expertise in smart contract development and blockchain technologies further strengthens Propy’s technological edge.

Monthly Returns of Propy (PRO)Token:

MonthPercentage Change
Apr 2024+11.26%
Mar 2024+351.39%
February 2024+3.03%
January 2024-23.17%
December 2023+85.57%
November 2023+26.16%
October 2023+15.23%
September 2023-16.91%
August 2023-19.28%
July 2023+27.01%
June 2023-16.84%
May 2023-15.42%
April 2023-15.16%
March 2023-1.14%
February 2023-2.95%
January 2023+34.13%
December 2022-11.50%
November 2022-40.24%
October 2022+14.80%
September 2022-14.71%
August 2022-11.13%
July 2022-12.19%
June 2022-15.48%
May 2022-39.74%
April 2022+6.21%
March 2022-12.96%
February 2022-20.22%
January 2022+60.36%
December 2021-8.87%
November 2021-7.99%
October 2021+94.42%
September 2021+236.72%

How to Buy Propy (PRO) Token?

  • If you have decided to invest in the PRO token, here are the steps to buy tokens:

  • Create a cryptocurrency exchange account: PRO is listed on several exchanges like Coinbase, HTX, MEXC and Therefore, the first step is to create an account on of this exchange.
  • Deposit funds: Once your account is set up, deposit funds into your exchange wallet.
  • Purchase PRO: Using the deposited funds, you can buy PRO tokens directly on the exchange

Potential Drivers and Risks for the Price of Propy (PRO) Token:

Potential Drivers:

  • Real Estate Market Growth: A booming real estate market could increase demand for Propy’s services, driving up the value of PRO tokens.
  • Global Adoption: Wider acceptance of Propy’s platform for cross-border transactions and its unique features could fuel token demand.
  • Increased Utility: Expanding the use cases of PRO tokens within the Propy ecosystem (e.g., governance, premium services) could enhance their value.

Potential Risks:

  • Competition: Emerging competitors in the real estate blockchain space could pose a threat to Propy’s market share and token dominance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Propy?

Propy is a blockchain-based platform that streamlines real estate transactions. It aims to make buying and selling property more secure, transparent, and efficient.

How does Propy work?

Propy utilizes smart contracts to automate and secure property deals. The platform boasts a global marketplace where users can find properties, and its secure title registry ensures tamper-proof ownership records.

What is the PRO Token?

PRO is the native token of the Propy platform. While not mandatory for every transaction, it can be used for various purposes within the ecosystem, such as paying fees or accessing premium services.

Who is the CEO and Founder of Propy?

Propy was founded by Natalia Karayaneva, who currently serves as the company’s CEO.

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